Our Strawberries:

For the purpose of diversification as well as fulfilling the international demand, our company decided to be a regional key player in the strawberry industry for both fresh and processed.

To guarantee a superior quality product, we targeted the best plots of land with the best water sources and accordingly leased 400 acre of virgin land that fit our profile .

Together with the assistance of both international and local expertise we managed to grow the business steadily and today we are one of the premium fresh and processed strawberry exporters out of Egypt with our product being sold through majority of renowned markets in USA, Africa, Middle East, and Europe.

Our Operation:

Our 400 Acre strawberry farms are located 130 km East and 150 Km North of Cairo.On both premises we apply a fully integrated operation from nurseries to packing house and cooling, after which our logistics team manages the delivery to our partners worldwide, thus insuring that each delivery is up to standard.  


Our Development:

 As part of our R&D, new strawberry varieties are being trialed yearly on the farm in our own nursery, for the purpose of the selection the premium and uptrend varieties existing at its present-days that will exhibits premium fruit quality and higher yields.

Our Standards:

Our tractability and fruit safety is our main concern and first priority, ICAPP is committed and adheres to the EU standards of minimum residue limits (MRL).

A computerized tractability system was commissioned on the farm and updates are given to our team to cope with the new laws and regulations covering food safety.

Our farm is certified with Global GAP, BRC A, Tesco, ISO 22000:2005 and F2F for M&S.