Our assortment of premium frozen fruits are harvested according to season, picked individually at complete ripeness and flash-frozen to lock in their nutrition and freshness for your indulgence any time throughout the year. Our frozen fruit range includes sliced, halved and cubed fruit varieties and mixes.

Contrary to common belief, frozen vegetables and fruits can be healthier than most fresh produce sold in the market because they tend to be processed when they’re perfectly ripe and most nutrient-packed. Fulfilling our freshness and goodness promise, all of ICAPP’s frozen vegetables and fruits are picked at their peak of ripeness and processed using the most advanced Instant Quick Freezing (IQF) technique to maintain their optimal nutritional value and garden-fresh flavor at time of serving.

Explore our wide range of frozen produce, from legumes to leafy, root and inflorescent vegetables, in addition to our vegetable soup and selection of mixed vegetables. Remember to steam or microwave your frozen vegetables rather than boil them to minimize the loss of water-soluble vitamins and nutrients